Friday, December 10, 2010

The Holidays

Boy oh boy... the holidays have never been as tough for me as this year is.  Down almost 100 pounds now, it's soooo easy to say things like... "Oh, it's just this one bite" or "It's Christmas, I can nibble on this or that"

Really? Can I? NO!!! I CAN NOT!  Why?

Because it's just too easy to get into that bad habit again.  Ask me how I know.  I ate well in Hawaii, a few weeks ago... too well.  I ate some bread... GASP!! I know...but it was just sitting there on my plate, enveloping a lovely pineapple topped burger and avacado.  Could I have taken it off? Sure.  Did I? Nope.
Do I regret it?  Oh yeah!

Regret? is there any place for it? Yeah, especially when the bread hit my stomach like a brick, and my arthritis started flaring up ten fold.  I didn't stop there.  We circled the island in our rental car, and stopped at every stand to buy fresh fruit from sweet little Hawaiian ladies... but I also ate rice, and potatoes, and Japanese noodles.  All to my stomach's chagrin.

I gained 5 lbs on vacation.  I haven't gained one pound in a year and a half, and it took only one week to gain 5 lbs in Hawaii.  I've lost it already, but it took twice as long to lose it as it did to gain it.  I did MUCH better at our Thanksgiving meal.  I ate a ton of veggies, a small amount of meat, and ate NO BREAD AT ALL, and still lost 1 pound that week.  Thank God.

My hubby gained a little weight too.  He ate everything he wanted.  Bread, potatoes, fried foods etc... but you know what?  When he eats my home cooking... he doesn't gain any weight, in fact, when he eats my homemade bread, he LOSES weight, no matter how much of it he eats.  There's got to be something to that.

4 ingredients in my bread, compared to who know how many in store bought bread... hmmmm.... something to think about.  I know I can't have bread in my life, because I feel like my body doesn't do well with it in my system.  But... from time to time, I'll have an open faced sandwich made with my homemade sourdough starter, and it doesn't affect me in the least... of course, I don't over indulge either...

So... this Holiday Season... be kind to yourselves... and don't make excuses for eating badly... eat better 90% of the day, and your pants will fit you all the way through your holidays... eat the bountiful oranges, apples and tangerines that are on sale in the stores now... and stay healthier in the process...

Happy Everything people... much love to you all