Monday, April 14, 2014

Truth time

It SUCKS being overweight and a food addict.  TOTALLY, UNEQUIVOCALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCKS!!!

I feel so much better now...whew... Just needed to get that out.

I have gained about 40 lbs back.  (Holding my head low). BUT...BUT...BUT... It will not get the better of me.

On the bright side, I did not gain all my weight lost plus more, like the cycle usually goes...nope, my lifestyle change really was a change for good, I just chose to eat poorly more days than I ate well.  That choice SUCKED!

I have Arthritis in both of my hips right one actually got a little better, but my left one...well, some days I want to grab a saw and just cut it off.  It has really helped contribute to my weight gain, as I do not walk without my walker or scooting around my house on a desk chair.  Unfortunately, I did not adjust my food intake to match my is all my fault.  Skinny people have arthritis too.

I went to the farmers market yesterday, and purchased a kitchen full of fruits, veggies and legumes.  I purchased lean meats, and frozen fruit to snack on.

I am ready.

The quicker I get this weight lost, the quicker I can get my hips replaced and GET MY LIFE BACK!!

My boys are getting older, and will be geting married and having babies in the next few years...I NEED TO BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH MY GRANDBABIES!!!  This cycle MUST stop.

My Mom, God love her, BEGS me to get Weight Loss surgery, like she did.  I just can't.  I need to do this myself.  I need to take control.  I don't just want my stomach size changed, I want my LIFE CHANGED, MY MIND CHANGED, MY BRAIN RE TRAINED!!

The only one that can do ME!!

Who is with me??  Do you need to make a change?  Please don't kick yourself for falling off track, or belittle yourself, or call yourself a loser...YOU ARE MORE THAN THE NUMBER ON A STUPID SCALE!!  Go look in the mirror RIGHT NOW, and tell yourself you are loved and worthy!  Go!!  Right now!  I'll wait... that every single day, then go eat a healthy, hearty breakfast, and get your day started right!!

Here is what I am eating today...

HUGE glass of watermelon puree
Stirfry of corn, onions, bean sprouts and zucchini


3 turkey patties made with kidney bean puree mixed in
Large salad
Oil free dressing made with avocado, lime juice and honey
Extra large glass of iced tea mixed with 2 T chia seeds


Frozen sliced peaches


Banana ice cream made with one ingredient (frozen bananas)
More sliced peaches If I am still hungry.

Enjoy eating today!!!