Copyright Stuff

This blog is to be used as a tool.  I use the Let's Do Lunch book my Roger Troy Wilson to lose weight.  He does not endorse nor have any input on this blog.  All content in this blog is mine alone.  All recipes are original in content, ingredient, and as far as I know, are not in ANY cookbook.  Written permission is required to copy and use any recipe or post in this blog.  Failure to do so will result in plagiarism charges and fines.  All photos are original and are not to be duplicated in any way.

I use the Let's Do Lunch book as a general tool, meaning, I adhere to the CONCEPT of the way of eating, but developed my own personal take on what foods work, and what should be avoided like the plague, that don't gel with the book. No disrespect whatsoever to Mr. Wilson.  I thoroughly enjoyed and devoured the book, and it has changed my life.  I would recommend it to everyone.