Thursday, August 4, 2011

I need to be back! I miss this!

This is where I need to be... not on my other blog, which by the way I have neglected just as much as I have this one... but this one... is where my heart is.

Losing weight is a daily struggle... for many, many, many of us. I am holding steady at my 100lb weight loss... and was getting sick and tired of the plateau from hell.  It's been a long time since the scale has budged... and I was very frustrated.

I did something that many others have thought was going to be the "fix it" to my dilemma... I did the unthinkable in the weight loss world (because really, to lose weight.. YA GOTTA EAT!")  and I decided I needed to "rev up" or "reboot" my system by... wait for it... here it comes... sit down... it's bad... JUICE FASTING...

No, I am NOT saying it's a bad thing... it's not for some people... but I am a food addict... WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!  How... on God green Earth... did I decide that DRINKING MY MEALS FOR 10 DAYS was going to FEED my body?  Who invaded my brain? The truth is.. no one... I got weak... and wanted a quick fix... JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT...

I got to day 3.  I was HUNGRY... soooooo hungry.  I was tired, really, really tired... I even napped DURING THE DAY... I NEVER NAP DURING THE DAY!!!  Then I slept all night too... it was weird.

I decided to perform my own little "intervention" and called up one of my friends, who just happens to be a Registered Dietician.  I told her of my dilemma... and she revealed that she had been reading about my little escapade on Facebook, and was having a hard time biting her tongue... she had had bad experiences in the past when delivering unsolicited advice, and didn't want to overstep her bounds with me... commendable, and loving.. that's just how she rolls.  THANK GOD I contacted her. 

She put me in my place... with good, solid, hard facts.  I already knew all that stuff she told me... I just needed to hear it from someone that looks the way I want to look. (I hate her... her figure is better 43, than it was when she was a teen, and we met when we were 15, yeah, I hate her) 

She turned me on to and it is a miracle... I LOVE IT.  I track what I eat, every morsel, and it calculates everything for me.. fat, calories, sugars, carbs, vitamins, fiber, minerals, cholesterol.. EVERYTHING... even exercise, water, and vitamin supplement intake!!!!!

It's helping me.  I LOVE LDL... I really do... but, at 43 years old, my body isn't cooperating with me on this other 100 lbs I MUST LOSE... so I am combining LDL, with and I've lost 8lbs in 12 days... FINALLY!

The best part? I eating 4-5 meals a DAY!  I have been SO used to having my main protein meal during the day, and I enjoy it so much, I am going to continue to do it... I just feel like it makes more sense to my body rythyms.

Since I've last posted, I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my right hip joint.  I am "bone to bone" and in pain the better part of my days...

To have surgery to replace, they won't even touch me without another 100lbs weight loss... so that's my motivation.

I'll post soon again... I'm so glad to be back...