Monday, July 26, 2010

Make your own soda at HOME!!! BLECH!!!!

I was taking William to football practice the other day, and I heard on the radio about a product (I refuse to mention the name) that allows people to make their own soda.  The announcer was just RAVING about this product and how it will save the planet from all the bottles and cans using it will save.

I. Was. Sickened.

They were touting that this product will and can help us MAKE OUR OWN SODA at home...

Yep... just what everyone needs... to make soda in the comfort of their own home...

They went on to say that "You can now control what goes into your soda, in your own home... just purchase the product and buy any or all of the 30 flavors of soda syrup, and watch your money add up in your bank account from all those costly cans and bottles!" or something to that effect... YUCK!!!

What they failed to mention was that the "SYRUP" has all the nutrition and benefits of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING... and everyone might as well just start an IV line of chemicals and byproducts and HFCS directly into their veins...OH... and go ahead and make an appt with a Diabetes Doctor, Cardiologist, and the Funeral Director...

Why don't people get it yet!!!  Having never been a real soda drinker, but being married to one, has difficult in the past 20 years.  Drinking sodas wreaked havoc on my husbands system... Luckily, he's over his soda addiction and his blood test numbers are all normal now... but seriously... drinking all that junk, DIET OR OTHERWISE... is just about the WORST thing someone can drink... I swear, I would sooner drink bleach!!!

Diabetes is SKYROCKETING around the globe, predominantly in CHILDREN... and I believe that juice boxes, soda, and DIET soda's are the main culprits... couple that with a few fast food meals every week... and it's "goodbye mortality rate" ... hello... funeral director!

Then, yesterday, I was driving home from Los Angeles, and a big sign for a fast food restaurant touted...
"Go on... this is easier than this"  And it showed how the bag of fast food is soooo much easier than walking into a kitchen.  So the picture showed the bag of food on one side... and a kitchen on the other...nice.. really nice...  Why take responsibility for ourselves when permission is EVERYWHERE to just do what is easiest!!! 

The two beverages that should be ingested are these... water and tea.  THAT'S IT!

If everyone would just switch to drinking ONLY water and tea for a month, not only would the soda habit get broken, but... skin will get better, more money will be in your wallet, health will improve, sugar levels will be lower and weight will be lost.  Yes, even diet soda's are the devil... fake sugar is poison... always has been...always will be...

Take the challenge to end your addiction to soda's... won't you?  You'll be so glad you did!!!
One month, nothing but water and tea... YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS!!!


  1. I make my own flavored Tea at home, Every once in a while I will splurge on a Pepsi on ice. I found when I stop drinking soda, like in 1991, I lost so much weight, not to mention how ONE soda wreaks havoc on the bodily organs and system!! Whoa, I read about it, and was like WOW!! Great blog, and yes, they are, pushing the easy way out every where you turn.

  2. Ok.. no diet soda or cystal light for one month.. I am gonna do this!
    Hugs, Kathie in Fl.

  3. Ok, started the plan 5 days ago and 4 lbs. off. The evenings are the hardest, darn it.

  4. Ok, started the plan 5 days ago and have lost 4 lbs. The evenings are the hardest for me. However, I am determined to lose this extra 20 that I have been carrying around for the last 10 years.

  5. Judy... HAVE NO FEAR!!!

    1st of all.... 4 lbs!!! AWESOME!!!!!

    Just eat a boat load of fruit and veggies at night... AND... remember to do exactly what the book says...


    So... that means... if you need to eat non stop for two weeks, THEN DO IT!!! Don't count a calorie, don't weigh a thing... JUST KEEP EATING CLEANLY... no preservatives, no processed food, just good clean, REAL food... and your cravings WILL DISAPPEAR... and nighttime won't be difficult at all...

    I eat a TON of fruit from 6pm to about 9 pm every night... all i want until I just can't eat another bite...

    I am soooo proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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