Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cabbage... Food of the Week.

I love this stuff… raw, cooked, baked, broiled, you name a way to eat it… and I probably have…

I recently found out that a lady I know has been fighting a terrible battle with breast cancer. I started looking up foods I could make for her to help combat it’s recurrence once she is better, (she asked me to) and I noticed on all my searches… that cabbage, namely the Cruciferous Family of veggies came up every. single. time. Turns out… it is a POWERHOUSE of cancer fighting… the Superman of vegetables. I’m not kidding… it’s literally written up that in 70 percent of 100 studies, cabbage consumption was associated with lower cancer risk.

I eat a LOT of cabbage. A WHOLE LOT. Always have. I eat it raw too… yes, even when I wasn’t eating right… cabbage was a mainstay in my fridge. I buy it in huge 5 lbs bags, preshredded, but have learned that buying it whole is better for me… so I am finishing up my bag and will switch to heads of it next week.

I use it in every stirfry, I mix it with every green salad, and I love the purple cabbage too. It can be stuffed, bbq’d, broiled, shaved, sliced, diced, tossed and steamed…
It gets sweet when cooked… but has more cancer fighting ability when eaten raw…

I make a Peasant Pasta with it…for my hubby and kids…
1 whole cabbage sliced thinly
1 whole onion, sliced thinly
olive oil

Heat your pan up until it screaming hot… and add the onions… then the cabbage to the hot oil and saute until wilted… salt and pepper to taste

While that’s cooking, boil up some pasta ( about one pound of short, tube pasta like Penne)…

Drain pasta, and add it to the cabbage and onion “sauce”… top with grated hard cheese… and enjoy

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