Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Melons are coming!!! The Melons are coming!!!


What does that mean to someone who is on weight loss journey? Especially if that someone’s main meal staple is fresh fruits? IT MEANS MELON SEASON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!

Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… fills me up for dinner like WATERMELON does. I don’t know what it is… maybe the fiber, maybe the host of other great things about melon, like folate, and potassium… whatever it is… I LOVE IT!

You should see the check out cashier at the store when watermelon, any melon really, are on sale for 10 cents a pound. I’ve been known and seen to have TWO CARTS full of melons and nothing else… (no… I don’t ask for bags… LOL) I will quite literally, cut up one entire melon for my family for dinner, per night… and no one complains. We eat like ravenous dogs when its melon season.

Watermelon, honeydew, cassaba, cantaloupe… whatever the melon… eat it… LOTS OF IT!! It’ll lower blood pressure, help bowels, add fiber, feed your body water. BUT… BUY THEM WHOLE!!! Lots of nutrients are lost when they are exposed to long periods of light, so try not to buy already cut melon from the store…

How do I pick a good watermelon? Forget thumping it… how for heaven’s sake can you check for ripeness by thumping it? I don’t know either… Look for a dark green or stripy exterior for watermelon, and fat is always better than thin. Bee stings are good to… bee’s like sweet things…

Smell a cantaloupe for sweetness… if you can smell the fruit inside, it’s a good one…also, if you can see a lot of green within the “netting” of the skin, it’s not ripe.

Honeydew… shake it. It’s ripe when you can hear and feel the seeds inside sloshing around… also, honeydew is the most nutritious of the melons.

I lost a TON of weight when my evening meal was nothing but watermelon… and I must say… I was never hungry after eating it… it was always enough…

Sooo… melons are the Food of the Week… and in my book, they are the food of the CENTURY!!! By the way.. my Bday is June 14, and a big juicy watermelon is always a great gift!!! LOL

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