Sunday, March 7, 2010

MSG means... More Sinister inGredients...

Autolyzed Yeast Calcium Caseinate Gelatin

Glutamate Glutamic Acid Hydrolyzed Protein

Monopotassium Glutamate Monosodium Glutamate Sodium Caseinate

Textured Protein Yeast Extract Yeast Food

Yeast Nutrient

These ingredients OFTEN contain MSG or create MSG during processing:

Flavors and Flavorings Seasonings Natural Flavors and Flavorings Natural Pork Flavoring Natural Beef Flavoring

Natural Chicken Flavoring Soy Sauce Soy Protein Isolate Soy Protein Bouillon

Stock Broth Malt Extract Malt Flavoring Barley Malt

Anything Enzyme Modified Carrageenan Maltodextrin Pectin Enzymes

Protease Corn Starch Citric Acid Powdered Milk Anything Protein Fortified Anything Ultra Pastseurized

Does ANY of that stuff up there sound like food AT ALL???? All that junk… all that processed, fake food, send us to the hospital early, killing our kidneys rapidly, hard to digest, no wonder celebrities need to hawk digestive yogurt in commercials, crud… is what our country wants us to believe is actual food~!

Friends… WE NEED TO GET WAAAAAY BACK TO BASICS!!! I keep saying… the outside of my body, my actual shell, hasn’t caught up with my mind and soul when it comes to how clean we are eating in my family now. My boys HATE going grocery shopping with me now… they still aren’t completely on board with the NO PROCESSED food lifestyle I am trying to BRAINWASH them into adapting… Yes, I said BRAINWASHING… and I mean it!

I want them to realize… that eating well, and clean, and preservative free is for their lives… literally for their well being and life… not just because I am trying to be mean and make them do something to make them feel like outsiders to others…

Do they still want Cheetos, and Doritos, and soda? Yeah… but as the mother in this household, the kitchen is my domain… and I say what goes here… and as for me and my house… we will eat healthy. What they do when they are away from me… well… i can’t control… HOWEVER… when they have upset stomachs or constipation and they call me from the bathroom with a “Mooooooommmmm”.. and I go in there… and they tell me they are in pain… the first thing I ask is… “What did you eat today, that I didn’t prepare for you? That didn’t come from my kitchen?” Then… the lightbulb goes off… I see it in their face… and they understand… and apologize under their breath, and are slowly starting to understand how food, and the choices they make in that food, is effecting their bodies, and how they feel.

They are kids… and kids feel peer pressure from every point in their lives… Not a day goes by, that my oldest son, doesn’t come home from school with yet another story about some kid that saw his huge, homemade lunch, questioned it with a distainful question, said it was gross looking because his sandwich had flecks of brown seed like things in it, and tomatoes, and spinach and lettuce and roasted red peppers, and just a tiny bit of meat… and he had 4 pieces of fruit and no chips or soda or gatorade… just water… High School students that actually are judging a kid due to what he is eating for lunch. William is a STRONG WILLED, CONFIDENT soul, who isn’t swayed to feel anything but how he wants to feel, and he says he defends his lunches all the time. He has taken to taking an extra sandwich, and asks the naysayers to try it, and I am now getting orders from Mother’s to make lunches for their kids… The naysayers are now shutting up…
I am taking over the Food Program for our High Schools Football Program for the next season… AND I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on those meals. I am gonna FEED THOSE BOYS… like they have never been fed before!!!

Gone are the days of beef jerky, and high sodium teryaki sauce, and free fast food from local vendors, and globulous cheese and processed meat dinners…

They are going to have steak, and sweet potatoes, and lots of roasted veggies, and homemade breads, and homemade pizza’s and calzones, fresh, huge, flavorful and colorful salads, desserts that are chock full of fruit and good dairy, and yogurts…fish, free range chicken meats, simply made for maximum flavor…

I want to give them an EDGE… on the field… I want their bodies to create energy within them that will be easy to burn on the field, that will encourage their kidneys to function well, while under pressure, and not create an environment for water because the food was too salty… but because their bodies are working like a well oiled machine…

There is no place, in life, for the stuff that the big companies are stocking the grocery store shelves with. We won’t live well, or long, if we continue to eat “what tastes good” or what comes in huge, foil bags that are advertised during Super Bowl Sunday.

We need to be in total control of what our children eat… from early on. Don’t make the same mistake I’ve made… don’t wait to teach your children that tater tots and canned, thick sodium laden soups are good for them. Just because you can get a chicken, rice and canned soup meal on the table in under 3o minutes, doesn’t mean it’s good for us… it’s just fast.

Learn from me… and learn that waiting until they are teens is waiting too long. I knew… in the back of my mind, years ago, that cooking the “casserole” way wasn’t the best way to go about things… but I talked myself into it by saying… ‘I’m busy… at least it’s cooked at home, and they like it…” Well… they’ll like it a lot more if they were healthy for 99 years too.

Let’s make meals less about convenience and more about feeding the body, those tiny, new bodies, and helping them run efficiently, with less illness, stomach upset and less trips to the doctor for a lifetime… Let’s make meals more about teaching good food habits, and less about “But my kids LOVE Ritz- TUNA casserole” and more about… “I’m the Mom, and I care about my kids more than I care if they like me or not”

Go into your cupboards and start throwing out everything that has foreign words in the ingredient list…and donate them to your local food shelter. I KNOW you like Cheetos, and I KNOW your kids love the Gogurts, and the Chewy Granola bars… but they can learn to like apples, and pears and watermelon and oranges too. No WONDER there is so much Cancer and Diabetes in the world right now… we eat chemicals.. not food. I know the kids love those Lunchables… but have you ever read the label? The only people I would have ever fed that junk to was the two guys in the 911 planes, Hitler and Castro. My kids used to beg me for those insipid things… I never bought them… I am sooo glad I didn’t… and it makes me soooo angry when I see them on sale for a BUCK at the store… Real food costs REAL money. It’s unfortunate… but it’s true… chips and junk cost lots less than real food does… but the medical bills are always higher for the junk food eaters… always.. so the price is equal… it is soooo backwards here in the States.

I know I sound like a food preacher… and I’m not about to apologize for it… I just want all of us to arm ourselves with health, and to be strong… for ourselves… and for our families…

In the end… when my boys are on their own… and they are at the store, shopping… I want that little voice in their heads to be mine… telling them to love themselves enough to buy real food, for themselves and their families. To put their health before convenience or popularity…

Until next time…

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