Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To ill and back!

Whew... the last few days have been very trying.  I've been battling a 104 fever and severe chills from Friday evening until yesterday,(no other symptoms, no congestion, no cough, no sore throat) and my poor kids had to stand by and listen to me cancel, remake, and cancel again, our camping reservations we had to Camp at Mountain Lakes for the week.  I just knew I wasn't strong enough, or over the fever enough to brave filling the motorhome, cooking like a madwoman for our meals there, and enduring very, very cold nights...

I haven't driven in 6 days.  I feel like I'm under house arrest.  THANK GOD none of my family got this thing.

Eating, while sick, was interesting. I haven't had a cold or been ill at all for about 14 months, and since starting this eating plan, I haven't been sick once, obviously, so navigating the world of eating wasn't so much of a hardship, as it was a nuisance.  The first few days... I had NO APPETITE!  I was hungry, my stomach growled incessantly, but NOTHING sounded good.  I ate anyway, to keep my strength up.  My food of choice on those days were bananas, a few grapes, and clear broth.

Remember how I cook all the time? Well, my family used up all my prep stores to feed themselves, (thankfully they know how to cook anything, and well), which I am so thankful that I always have things ready to go, but unless they are done weekly... food becomes a scavenger hunt when it's gone.  We don't have any processed food in the house at all... THANK GOD AGAIN... so when the food ran out from 4 men eating 3 meals a day... they looked to me... feeling and looking like death itself... to DO something.

So I sent my hubby to the store to pick up some cantaloupe, strawberries, a new thermometer (i threw mine across the room... oops) and a beautiful rib eye roast.... and set the kids up in stations and had them cut, chop, peel, grate, dice, slice their way to new food.  They were more than amazed at what they had accomplished, and one even said... "You do this all by yourself, for us, every week."  Maybe there was a reason for this fever... huh?

When my appetite came back, I started to eat somewhat normally, much smaller portions, and my strength slowly ebbed back.  I did NOT eat off plan.  This illness made me lose 7-8 lbs in a weekend... but I know it's not real weight loss... but the number sure was fun to see!

Drinking water and tea was key for me this week.  I recently bought some herbal tea from Costco, called The Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea... AND IT IS LUSCIOUS! It's naturally sweet, really sweet, and no sugar is in it... just delightful!  Just what my bland tastebuds needed.  It fed me blood and soul. mmmmm.

So... being sick is no excuse for eating badly.  When you are ill, remember to feed yourself good food to feed those white blood cells so they can fight a better fight.

I'm off to take my boys to an amusement park closeby our home.  It's not Disneyland, but it's out of this house...

Good day to all of you!!!


  1. I had something like that the week before, felt like I was hit by a truck. LOTS of tea and honey for me. The good earth tea may have black tea in it, I love their teas. They use to have a restaurant back in the day YUM food.
    Glad you are better and now you will be even more appreciated. HUGS are sent

  2. Sounds like you had H1N1


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