Thursday, May 20, 2010

Food for Thought

I just heard on the radio this morning... that the Federal Govt... for the past 60 years, has been using about 800 different pesticides on ALL our fruit and vegetable crops... and that the CDC or some oufit out there... is looking into those pesticides being the reason for ADHD.  YA THINK????

Holy Cow!!! Why on earth do they think Cancer and Diabetes, and a host of other horrible diseases are so prolific these days?  OUR FOOD SUPPLY SUCKS!!!  Our choices are KILLING US!

So the radio program talked about how buying Organic needs to become the norm... but the majority of Americans can't afford to buy organic anything... and if given the chance to buy fruits and veggies or buy junk... junk is the clear choice...

That news made me so sad. 

It is more expensive to buy organic.  It just is.  And it's WRONG...

IT'S WRONG THAT A 2 LITER OF SODA IS 69 CENTS THIS WEEK in my grocer's weekly flyer.

69 CENTS!!!!!

How can green tea or water compete with that?  Why don't they just GIVE IT AWAY... and continue the downward spiral of health and vitality in our country?  Why? Because they don't have to.  They make it up in volume... millions are ADDICTED to Coke and Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper.. and it won't stop.

You should have seen the display of animal like behavior last year when I was running our local Baseball League Snackbar, and I ran out of Dr. Pepper one night... I thought one hag was gonna grab my neck and strangle me...
over a SODA CAN!!!  It was like her entire world was ending... sooo very sad.

I have this overwhelming need to change the school lunch programs all over the nation.  I'm nobody... but I want to do something.  On my new menu, I've added a lunch making service to my repertoire...and you know what?  It's the MOST POPULAR part of my menu.  Moms everywhere are yearning for healthier, tastier alternatives for their growing kids. French Fries, Pizza and cardboard chicken AREN'T LUNCH... it's POISON!

Last night... and an away baseball game, my oldest son was hungry... and went to the snack bar.  He came back with two bags of trail mix.  I was pleasanly surprised and told him so.  He admitted he chose them because he knew I would approve and not give him grief about it... but he knew I would have if he come back with a dish of Nachos or a hot dog...

He knows me so well...

When we got home, he told me he was still pleasantly full from all the raw nuts and dried fruit he ate, and that he was glad he had chosen better for himself, even though it was because I was there.  He said he thinks he would have had a sour stomach and felt sick if he had chosen the junk food.

I feel like my work is starting to influence them.  When a 16 year old admits he was glad he had chosen better... SOMETHING has to be working... so I don't care that he only chose well because I was present... at least for that snack... he was healthier for it.

Be that light for your kids too... and watch Food Inc, the movie... and write your congressman about changing the school lunch programs all over the country to good, REAL, unprocessed foods... our kids very lives depend on it!

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