Friday, January 22, 2010

Food Rules... a Book Review

BUY THIS BOOK… review over…

LOL… Just kidding… but really BUY THIS BOOK! It’s a quick, easy, pocket sized read that WILL MAKE MORE SENSE THAN ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER READ… if you want to really change how you eat, buy, cook, and give food.

It’s a comical, smart, common sense, important book. I just got my copy today, and it’s just a reinforcement of everything I believe now… only now I have a reference for when I may lack resolve. Amazon has it on sale for $5, and I am going to order more as Birthday Cards for my family and friends… and on the inside book cover (it’s paperback) I’m going to write… “I’m giving you this as your card, so you will have a 100 more birthdays… read up, eat up, and live it up..”

So, again… my book review is 2 thumbs up! A quick, intelligent read. Bravo, Mr. Pollan… Bravo!

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