Thursday, January 21, 2010

Frustrated because the scale isn't moving as much as you'd like?

FEAR NOT! Rome wasn’t built in a day… and we can’t resculpt our bodies in a week either.

Those of us with a lot to lose tend to lose more weight in the beginning than our skinnier friends… it’s just the nature of the beast… HOWEVER… it all kind of evens out in the end… after all… our goal is to lose excess weight… no matter where we start… so we are all in the same boat… whether we need to lose 10 lbs or 100 lbs.

The most frequent complaint I get from my friends and family that are embarking on this weight loss journey with me is… ‘I’ve been on the plan for a week, and I’ve only lost 2 lbs!”

My first reaction is to say “2 lbs is great… shut up!” But I don’t…and instead, what I know to be true on this particular eating plan is… “Don’t worry… you are in detox… your body is holding on to the fat, because you drastically changed how you eat… and it’s fighting back because it thinks you are going to starve it.”

Let’s face it… if we were eating right all the time, we wouldn’t need to lose the weight… We have trained our bodies into believing that processed, fat laden, gooey, ooey food is normal, and it should just shut up and digest it all and be happy. So, to get back at us… it STORES this horrible food, ON OUR THIGHS, STOMACH, CHINS, BUTT, ARMS AND ANKLES!!! It really showed us… huh? So when we switch to fresh fruits, lean meats, veggies and green tea instead of soda… it thinks we are just kidding around, and decides to preserve itself. It’s used to being on this kick over and over again, and just decided to hold on to the fat until this phase is over…

THIS PLAN MAKES A FOOL OF OUR DEFENSE SYSTEMS!!! When people see how easy, and livable, and doable this plan is… it starts running more effeciently. Our bodies starts to say “Hey… she’s serious this time… this phase has gone on longer than it has before… we have to start getting rid of these fat stores so we can motivate her to keep it up! This feels too good to stop now!” And off comes the weight… in greater numbers… after about 3 weeks.

Can I promise you this will happen? Almost. As long as you adhere to eating fruit in the morning, a good, large, protein packed lunch complete with fruits, veggies, salads and soups, and eating fruit/veggies/veggie soups in the evening… YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT… AND… start to see your numbers such as your blood pressure, A1C, cholesterol etc… COME DOWN!

Our bodies are smart. It’s ready for famine. But… come on… we live in America…if you are on a computer, reading this, you probably aren’t hungry for days on end… so famine is unlikely.

We need to feed our bodies all the nutrients and foods that will provide optimal health and strength… so we can live our best lives…

Don’t fret over the stupid scale… its only a number… and so many other numbers may be moving downward while your weight catches up to losing… YOU ARE GETTING HEALTHIER!

THAT should be the ultimate goal… with weight loss as a nice dividend…

Thanks for reading… leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Happy losing!

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