Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roasted Veggies and ANY meat... mmmmmm

I LOVE roasted vegetables! LOVE THEM… I make them winter, spring, summer and fall… they are sweet, smoky, crunchy, tidbits of goodness… You can make them into soup, into chutney, eat them as a low calorie meal, as a snack… they are just plain awesome…

Here’s a list of veggies that roast beautifully:




4.sweet potatoes



7.cabbage (yes, cabbage)

8.mushrooms (portobello, button, crimini)



11.string beans


So, amass your arsenal of chosen veggies, a couple or all of the above, and cut them into 1- inch sections. Cut the cabbage into 1 inch thick long slices, and leave them together within the slice, and as for the cauliflower, cut the head lengthwise, into “steaks” and it takes on a very meaty like flavor and texture… yum!

Place them all into a large bowl, and drizzle, kind of liberally, with olive oil, salt, pepper, and ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE SEASONINGS…

My faves are:

1.Old Bay

2.Pampered Chef Smoky BBQ Rub

3.steak seasoning

4.cumin and cinnamon

5.or just leave it salt and pepper… can’t go wrong with it…

Pour the seasoned and tossed veggies onto a shallow backing sheet with a one inch at least, side. Place in oven at 375 for about 20 minutes or so. Don’t overcook them, you don’t want them to burn or get soggy… yuck! Don’t over crowd either…otherwise they will steam and not roast.

MY FAVORITE thing to so with the veggies is… after the 20 minutes of roasting, I have at the ready, a bunch of chicken, or shrimp or salmon, soaking in orange juice, salt, pepper, and a little Worcestershire, and I PUT THE MEAT DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE VEGGIES in the oven and continue to cook until the meat is done, (with chicken, you’ll need to add the chicken on the veggies before you cook them… chicken takes longer to cook.) Then, my meal is done, all at once… in the oven, hardly any fat, tons of flavor, and it’s all in one dish!!!

If you try this, please let me know how you like them… try not to over do the olive oil, otherwise the veggies tend to get soggy… ask me now I know… just make sure the veggies have a light coat of oil so the seasoning will stick to them

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