Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rags Soup... My Reader's Favorite!

This recipe was developed by my sweet Zia Saletta... who made me this soup when I was a child, whenever I asked for it.  The original had rice in it... but since I no longer eat rice on a regular basis, I left it out... and it's still wonderful... enjoy.

2 quarts fat free chicken stock or veggie stock (make your own and save tons of sodium)
2 cups snipped green onions1 large handful fresh or 1/2 bag frozen spinach (optional)
6 egg whites or 3 eggs (I use egg whites only to save on the cholesterol and calories) beaten well.
Boil the stock, onions and spinach until boiling
Gradually whisk in the beaten eggs and whisk the soup until the eggs turn into “rags”… serve and enjoy!!!

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