Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm pro CHOICE and PROUD!!!

Ha ha ha!!! Gotcha! I will not divulge my political/personal beliefs on a food blog… ever…but that title was provacative…no?

HERE’S what I am PRO-CHOICE about… FOOD. We all have choices to make… every day of our lives. We choose which gas to fill our tanks with, we choose our mates, we choose what religion we are going to raise our kids, we choose brands of toothpaste… EVERYTHING in life is a choice, big choices and small choices. Some would say that life matters are BIG choices, and what to eat for dinner would be a small choice… but I beg to differ. (bet ya kinda thought I would… huh?)

Next time you go to the grocery store… do this for me… heck, do this for you… make a conscious effort to look at the produce dept. as a pharmacy.

Yes, you read that correctly… A PHARMACY.

Look at the lettuces, radishes, cucumbers, and carrots as the Metamucil or Laxative aisle.

See those oranges, lemons, cantaloupes, broccoli and cauliflower? Those are your new Antibiotics and Anti-inflamatory section.

Go to the bean, legume, apple and pineapple aisle, that will be your new diet pills that keep hunger at bay for a longer period of time.

We have choices. Lots and lots of choices.
Everyday, I see and hear commercials on TV or the radio for ailment after ailment and the pills that will cure it or help it… 20 years ago… WE NEVER heard so many drug commercials… it’s ridiculous! They want us to believe that there is a pill FOR EVERYTHING… when we have the capability to heal ourselves in our refrigerators! I’m not talking about big things like MS, Cancer and such… however, I do believe that making good choices severely lessens our likelihood of getting those diseases… but that’s another blog post.

I’m talking about, Acid reflux, incontinence, ED, allergies, morbid obesity… and a host of other things that MAY be helped with a better diet. My grandparents WOULD BE MORTIFIED to hear all that stuff on male enhancement and people peeing their pants… just so easily talked about on air…

Has anyone stopped to think that WHAT IS IN OUR FOOD IS … QUITE LITERALLY… KILLING US? Slow… painful deaths. I wish I had opened my own eyes sooner… so that I could have helped my children earlier in their lives… it’s been hard to break habits that have been cultivated for years. All these diseases… everywhere… have been multiplying in epic proportions… and THE USA is the worst culprit for it. OUR WAY OF LIFE is killing people in other parts of the world too, with the introduction of our FAST FOOD restaurants all over the globe…particularly one establishment with golden arches.

WE HAVE CHOICES…we can choose to make our own food, or we can choose to allow these places to flourish and dole out their poison.

I have a friend that doesn’t eat fast food… ever. She is a self proclaimed “food snob” and I use to think she thought she was so smart and uppity.. and you know what? SHE IS 50 AND A SIZE 4 and as healthy as Jack La Lane! She has NEVER had a weight problem, she and her husband make all their own food, for themselves and their own 3 kids, always have, and she doesn’t take any medications… and her mother lived to be 97 years old. I asked her how she does it… and her answer was simple.. “I NEVER EAT JUNK”. “If it has orange dust on it, or comes in a bag, or in a box, and not in it’s own wrapper, I never eat it.” They eat meat… on occasion. They drink wine… daily. They eat cookies and pies and cakes… THAT THEY MAKE FROM SCRATCH… and in moderation. She reads her labels, prays daily, and has been blessed with a wonderful life…because of the choices she has made in every aspect of her life… food in particular… she LOVES food… I remember being in Dallas with her on a business trip, and we were eating at a lovely restaurant, and her steak came, and as she dug in, she exclaimed, loudly… “I love GOOD food!” I love it too, but to hear a 110 lb woman say it… was comical, and thought provoking.

Her love of food was just another aspect of her life… not her total reason to live. When she was in the moment, she enjoyed herself… and indulged… within reason. A lesson for all of us. I, too, will be 50 and fabulous in 8 years, because of the choices I am making now… Won’t you join me on this quest?

Not eating fast food or processed food for the past 7 months has been the single best thing I have done for myself.. bar none. I want everyone who reads this to feel this way too.

Now… get in your car, and go visit your local pharmacy and pick up your vitamins, antibiotics, anti inflammatories, and go whip yourself up a delicious stir fry with them!

I know I jump around a lot when I write… thank you for bearing with me

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