Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let's Get Started!

Like I mentioned before, I didn't always have a weight problem... at least not as big a weight problem as I have now...but that's changing!!! When I was younger, I maybe had about 10-20 lbs I needed to lose, and all it took was a meal skipped here and there, and it would be gone in no time. Well...needless to say, that wasn't a healthy way to go about losing weight, and it sure didn't teach me anything. I was also a lot younger and more active back then, with four nights a week of dance classes that included tap, jazz, ballet and rythym... it was easy to keep the weight at bay.

Skip ahead to my 40's and holy cow! I feel like I could walk around the entire equator and still not lose a pound... UNTIL NOW! This Let's Do Lunch eating plan is just the ticket my body was waiting for.

It's easy. It's affordable {just a book to buy, no meetings, no weigh-ins in public, no special food} It's easy on the household budget, {buy whole, fresh fruits and meat when in season and on sale} and did I mention IT'S EASY?

There are a few simple rules...


2. Bread, potatoes, pasta, grains and dairy are not on the eating plan... BUT WAIT... before you click off of here... TRY IT OUT!... There is a magical thing that happens when you start this plan... YOU WON'T WANT THOSE FATTENING FOODS ANYMORE!! And, you don't have to say goodbye to them forever... just view them as a very occasional food when you have reached your goal!

3. Stay away from processed, pre packaged foods. They are chemical garbage that is not feeding our bodies what it needs.

4. No measuring, no portion control, no pills, no injections and chalky shakes.

Did I mention that you eat until you are very full? I eat only fresh, whole food, and I have never felt better...

So... if you want to join in, or want to say something... please comment and let me know... it's lonely starting a brand new blog... I need some other people to talk too...:)


  1. Sandra, Congrats on your new blog. I have just spent all afternoon catching up on WordPress. This looks a prettier site.
    Thanks for the fab recipes and photographs to go with it. I have printed off everything and so looking forward to trying some of them out. Will be checking this out on a daily basis. Thanks again for being so generous with your knowledge and info..........


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