Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you love salad? Do you think to really eat well, and lose weight, then salads should be a staple food in your everyday eating plan? Do you eat salads regularly? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions… you are on your way to a very healthy future. HOWEVER… CAUTION… what do you put ON TOP OF YOUR SALAD… meaning… how do you dress your salad?

Some think of salad as lettuce, tomato, maybe a cucumber slice or two.. and while that is GREAT… it’s pretty basic… and kinda boring. This post is going to hopefully help you see salad as more than just a bowl of lettuce… and to really open up some salad options for ya!

So… here’s a list of things to add to your salads for added, flavor, color, and nutrition!

1.fresh or frozen corn kernels and/or beans or green olives

3.bean sprouts

4.alfalfa sprouts

5.arugula (rocket)

6.fresh spinach

7.jicama chunks or grated pieces

8.shredded carrot beans

10.chopped egg white

11.onions get the idea… go to a salad bar restaurant and see what they offer in FRESH ingredients (no mayo based salads) and duplicate that at home!

The color of your lettuce is very important. Iceberg, in my book, isn’t a good choice for a salad. It offers little in nutrition in comparison to the greener, leafy lettuces. If you like a peppery punch, go for arugula and sprinkle it over a nice Romaine or Artisan lettuce salad…

In virtually EVERY salad I make, I ALWAYS add a hefty handful of shredded cabbage (green or purple) to the mix… it adds POWERFUL cruciferous qualities to it.. and a nice crunch. Frozen defrosted peas are also a favorite.

So add tons of veggies to your salads… and reap the benefits of all the wonderful colors have to offer your health.

DRESSING is another story. BEWARE of the thick, mayo based dressings. Making dressings yourself is the ONLY way to eat a healthier, process free dressing…

Use Olive Oil, good vinegar, salt and pepper for a good basic dressing. Use Lemon juice and olive oil for a light, flavorful twist. Add a teaspoon of sugar for a sweet treat. (Not artificial sweeteners) Love Honey Mustard? Combine Apple Cider vinegar and honey with a nice grainy mustard for a fat free, low carb, high flavor alternative to an oil based dressing… play around with it to get the sweetness and flavor you like. If you want it really creamy… blend it all in a blender and it turns into a creamy, luscious dressing… Use herbs in your dressings too… rosemary, parsley, cilantro, chipotle peppers, garlic.. all add immense flavor for little calories…

I like to wash and spin a bunch of lettuce ahead of time for the week.. and place it all into a huge Lock n Lock container and store it in my fridge. That way, I just have to grab a handful or two of lettuce and add my toppings in small amounts… it lasts all week. You can chop and dice all your toppings ahead of time too, and just add as needed from the fridge…

Eat your colors! Enjoy!

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