Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trying on "new" clothes!

I went through my closet last night… trying to figure out if I can fit into some old clothes I unfortunately outgrew.

Happily… i have a bunch OF NEW CLOTHES NOW!!! I went shopping in my own closet, and after 70 lbs, I can wear soooo much more of my wardrobe now! I still have a very long way to go before I can start wearing dramatically different styles and such… but progress is being made!!!

So that got me thinking… I decided that… I’m going to buy myself a ‘DREAM OUTFIT”… you know… an ensemble that is the size I want to be when I have reached goal, to help me see the end goal in sight…

I have to be careful not to buy something trendy, or with a pattern, so it will always be in style… but the size is what matters anyway… even if I never wear it out the door, if I fit into it… I ‘m gonna have a photo shoot in it!!!

It is so wonderful to be able to wear all my shoes I’ve bought over the years… because my feet and ankles are no longer swollen. I have to get my wedding ring sized down, because now I can’t safely wear it… hallelujah!!!

I hope all of you on this plan experience this joy too. I hope all my ladies that are following on this plan, find something for yourselves that motivate you to keep going, and don’t give in to eating poorly!!!

What would motivate you? A new pair of snazzy heels? A bright red dress? A new hair cut? DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF to treat yourself… now… and set yourself up for success by getting yourself something juuuussst a little out of reach… so you strive for it…

Thank you all for reading me… I am so truly honored to see that readership number go up… Please tell your friends about this site, if you like it…

Ciao Bellas!

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