Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plateau's... how to deal...

I’ve hit one. I was hoping I wouldn’t. I really didn’t want to… but I hit one anyway… What did I hit? A plateau, or in other words… I haven’t lost a pound in two months. THE GOOD NEWS? I haven’t gained either.

I think my body is saying this to me… “Uh.. Sandra… I’ve gotten rid of 70lbs… consistently… I’m taking a little break” I want to slap it and say… in the infamous words of Cher in “Moonstruck”.. “SNAP OUT OF IT!”… but alas…I can’t. I must wait. I must be ever vigilant.

I MUST NOT REDUCE MY REGULAR INTAKE OF GOOD FOOD… I don’t want my body to hoard the rest of the pounds… HOWEVER…I am going to try and break the plateau with some exercise. I haven’t done much exercise as of yet, and I think it’ll be much easier for me now. Sooo…. tomorrow… I will be doing yoga as a starter, some freestyle dancing around my house to loud music for 1/2 hour and more yoga to cool down…

Hopefully it’ll break this cycle.

I’m still eating all the right foods. I am over any cravings, I can be around all the junk food in the world and not be tempted… my resolve is still stealthy… I’m just not losing like I was.

What keeps me going is the metamorphosis of my body. Although I don’t yet LOOK like I’ve lost a lot of weight, (when you have as much to lose as I do, it’s not noticeable for a long time} I am still noticing that my pants are all baggy on me, and some blouses slide off my shoulders and my rings are all too big for me. So… something is happening. Maybe it’s redistributing. I don’t know… I’m just happy to have found an eating plan that never leaves me hungry or wanting more. It truly has become a complete way of life for me. I rarely think about it anymore, except when I write about it.

I’m dealing with the scale. We’ve made friends. As long as I don’t see the number increase, it will stay intact and not get thrown through a window. That’s how I am dealing with my plateau. My scale will face certain death if it gives me the wrong number.

I’m not complaining. I know I’ve done really well. I just really wanted to be down another 20 lbs by now. It will come… I know it will. I’m just impatient.

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