Monday, February 22, 2010

Eat your water... Fiber... A love story

Does your only source of fiber come out of a plastic container that you have to scoop out with a spoon and swirl in a cup of water… THEN DRINK IT?

Do you eat a piece of white bread and a granola bar all day, and think “I’ve got my fiber in today”?

This is gross… but I’m gonna say it anyway… Do you spend a LONG time on the “loo” waiting… and straining? Did you know that doing that means something? Wanna know what it means? It means eventually, you’re gonna get hemorroids if you keep straining like that… EEWWWWW!

But really, it means that you aren’t eating NEARLY enough fiber every day… AT ALL!

Fiber is UNdigestible, so it’s a great filler for your tummy. It helps us stay fuller, longer. It transports bad things from our bodies.

Ideally, when it’s time to “go”, you should literally sit down, and immediately “go”. No straining should be necessary, if you are getting enough fiber.

You know me.. I’m a food snob from way back… Good food is the basis of good nutrition… and the “bottled” stuff should only be used in severe instances, or in emergencies only.

When choosing bread, choose a dark, sugar free brand, with at LEAST 5 grams of fiber PER SLICE… Costco sells one… and before I started making my own bread… that’s what I bought, or make your own using sourdough starter, and double your benefits! Also… eat LOTS OF FRESH FRUIT AND VEGGIES… they are loaded with fiber, and other phytochemicals that inhibit cancer growth, increase good cholesterol levels, and carry out all kinds of bad cooties from our environment and bad eating choices.

When eating each meal during a typical day… try this trick I use to “FILL UP”… I eat a piece of fruit BEFORE each meal. My favorites are an apple, or a slice of watermelon, or an orange. You’ll eat less, digest better, and won’t need to drink as much water.

Speaking of water… there’s a huge push for everyone to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. That’s great… BUT… I believe the reason they say those things is because of the typical American diet of fast food, cheetos, alcohol, white bread, cheeses, and fruit snacks in plastic packages. Come on… you know I’m right… I was guilty of it too… The truth is… if you eat enough fruits and veggies, YOU’LL HARDLY EVER GET THIRSTY! You’ll get enough water from them to quench any thirst… and remember… when you get thirsty, you’re about a 1/2 hour late in getting your water, on your way to mild dehydration.

I used to drink water by the trough all day… back when I was eating bread, and cheeses, and processed foods… now I RARELY get thirsty, and if I do drink something, it’s usually Rooibos or Green tea… something that is nourishing as well as thirst quenching.

What you ‘DRINK’ in your foods as as important as what you eat… choose water filled produce and not only will your taste buds do a little dance… but you’ll have less “jiggle” in the middle when you dance… soooo… EAT YOUR WATER, and chew your fiber!!!

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