Saturday, February 20, 2010

What I learned this weekend.

There sure are a lot of people out there that want other people to fail… Have you ever felt that way? I’m trying to better my life, become more healthy, live longer, not get sick etc…and every once in a while, I come across someone that says stuff like this…”Oh Sandra…I know you’ve lost 70 lbs… but you HAVE to know that most people gain back all the weight they lost, plus gain back more!” or my favorite…”Oh come on… you can eat it this ONE time can’t you?” I wonder if they say the same things to Alcoholics or former Drug addicts. Can you imagine offering someone YOU KNOW is on the wagon, a drink… ‘just this once’? Granted, I am no longer addicted to bad food, and the insensitive oaf didn’t nudge me along to “cheat” at all, but still… it really pissed me off!

After thinking about it for a few seconds, I came to the conclusion that ’she’ was either jealous of my new way of life, or scared of my new way of life. Mind you… I was NOT talking about my eating habits, or even mentioned it! (I know you probably think this is all I do, write, talk and eat food… but I really do have a ton of other interests too, and really only talk about it here… LOL)

On your particular journey, you are going to meet people along the way that will pick your choices apart and try to make you re-think your decisions. If you MUST brood about it afterward… please only allow about 1o seconds of it.. then move on. I have found that those that really love me, are embracing my new way of eating, and those that are threatened by it, aren’t around so much anymore… and truthfully, the naysayers arent missed.

People who say things like “I’m so proud of you” and “You are doing so great” are FOR you… and those that say things like “Ugh… you don’t eat bread? I could never do that” and “You know… fruit is sugar too” are AGAINST you. They either haven’t learned how to have an uplifting conversation, or are just self hating losers that can’t stand it when others succeed.

I know it sounds harsh… but you would NOT believe some of the stuff people have told me in the past 8 months…. AND I’M NOT EVEN THIN YET! Can you imagine what will happen when I’m at goal weight? I think I’ll carry around a notepad and start quoting the dumb nuts who think they are witty and smarmy.

I guess what I’m trying to say is… don’t let people get you down. Whichever weight loss path you are choosing, {{as long as it isn’t extreme or harmful to yourself}} stick with it, and don’t let others dictate to you. If you happen to be on the same plan as I am, remember how good you feel when you’ve eaten well, and effortlessly the weight comes off, and how you don’t have cravings anymore… and just keep the naysayers in your prayers…
I like saying this prayer… Dear God, if you can’t make my friends be nice to me… please make them fat!

JOKING… I’M JUST JOKING!!! Calm down… LOL! All in good fun…:)

Sooo… if you’ve overindulged today, tomorrow is a new day, a fresh new start… Monday’s… ya gotta love ‘em!

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