Thursday, February 4, 2010

"I want to lose weight... but there's so much temptation around!"

I’ve said that sentence up there before… you’ve said it too, if you’re honest. Have you ever noticed, that as soon as you start a new eating plan, or announce that you are on a new eating plan, ALL THE GOODIES THAT ARE BAD FOR US… come out of the woodwork? Co-workers start bringing in cookies, and bagels with cream cheese, big bowls of pasta are ordered for catering events, soda is everywhere??? Ever notice that? Ever wonder WHY all that stuff suddenly starts appearing???

I have a secret to tell you… You’re not gonna like it… Ready? Okay… here goes… ALL THAT STUFF HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, YOU JUST DIDN’T NOTICE IT UNTIL YOU DECIDED TO EAT RIGHT!… See? I told ya you wouldn’t like it. Think about it… its true right? The same guy brings in the same bagels and cream cheese every week, or on Tuesdays, the Donut Lady brings in the 2 dozen donuts…etc… THE DIFFERENCE? You (we) know we can’t continue to eat those things and be healthy, so we decide to stop… AND THEN ALL WE WANT IS THE BAD STUFF!

For the ladies… remember when you first got pregant? Didn’t it seem like everywhere you looked after that… all you saw was pregnant women?

Listen. I’m a bread baker/caterer. Making stuff that I can’t shouldn’t eat IS MY JOB! It’s all around me.. every single day. Have I ever been tempted? YEP… as a matter of fact…when I first started Let’s Do Lunch, about a week into the plan… I STARTED CRYING OVER THE FACT THAT BREAD WAS NOT IN MY FUTURE EATING… CRYING… PEOPLE!!! Is food worth crying over? Nope… Did I cry over it? Yep! Was it dumb? Yep Am I over it? Yep… Was it irrational? Yep. BUT it was real. Before I started eating right, I never cried over something as small as food. I never even THOUGHT about bread… and truth be told, I didn’t eat a whole heck of a lot of it… BUT THE THOUGHT OF IT BEING GONE… was too much apparently for that moment in time. When I started this plan, BREAD was on my mind 24/7 for a few days. It was ridiculous!

I am here to tell you… that piece of pie, that sandwich loaded with mayo and bad white bread, that drive thru burger and fries… DOES NOT TASTE AS GOOD AS LOSING WEIGHT FEELS!

When you think you just can’t resist that piece of chocolate cake… that bowl of morning sugar cereal, that Latte loaded with caramel from the coffee shop… stop and think about how you will feel AFTER you eat/drink it. Will there be guilt? Resentment? Anger? Disgust? Will you go to the mirror and tell yourself what a bad person you are? YOU HAD BETTER NOT! You are too precious, too incredibly made, too special to feel those feelings… HOWEVER… if, after you eat the bad food item, you won’t feel as good about yourself… then TRY YOUR HARDEST to remember that you are doing this FOR yourself… not TO yourself… AND if you must give in to your craving… EAT THE TINIEST amount possible to curb the beast… then THROW IT OUT!

Cravings, “reasons to celebrate with food”, “just one cookie”, “just one martini”, feelings will come and go…
The trick is to be present in that moment… feel it… recognize it. Don’t berate yourself if you give in… MOVE ON.. and jump right back on the proverbial horse, AT THE VERY NEXT MEAL… NOT THE VERY NEXT DAY… Start doing well again… AT THE NEXT MEAL!!!

Let me know if you’ve experienced this before, and leave a comment or two..

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