Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

I love ice cream. It didn’t love me. I should have just rubbed the stuff on my thighs and stomach instead of eating it…I can’t have it in the house… too tempting… even now… even though I’ve read the ingredients lists of most of them, and they are carcinogenic garbage… I remember what it tastes like… and I know it can’t be in my home… for both reasons… processed ingredients, AND sugar and fat and dairy…

So I had to come up with an alternative. I had to come up with a way to have that same sensation of icy cold goodness. I wanted it to have the texture and creaminess of good, well made ice cream, without all the dairy, and with virtually no fat.

So… I played around with ingredients, and what didn’t turn out… we ate anyway… because it was delicious. Now… don’t get me wrong… the suggestions I state on here ARE NOT going to taste just like Haagen Daas premium… BUT… it may cure the ice cream sweet tooth one may have… in a pinch.

Just so you know… I don’t add any sweetener to any of these recipes… I like the fruit to taste like it’s supposed to. Also, I never bother with artificial sweeteners… if my boys want theirs a little sweeter than mine, I allow them to add a TINY BIT real sugar… at least I know it has one ingredient it in… sugar… and no chemicals… I DON’T CARE WHAT ‘THEY’ SAY… THAT Splenda, Equal, Sweet N Low STUFF IS POISON!

So… gather a bunch of this stuff or pick and choose… processor or good blender

2.frozen fruit of your choice (i like blueberries, strawberries, mixed fruit, mixed berries)

3.bananas (fresh or frozen) Freeze them without the peel.

4.canned fruit like peaches or pears IN ITS OWN JUICE**

5.fresh fruit of your choice

6.plastic container with good locking lid like Lock n Lock

7.OPTIONAL – nonfat or 1% milk or fresh, natural, probiotic yogurt (I don’t use any of these in mine… but you certainly could)

Okay… so now it’s just a matter of combining flavors and pulverizing them in the appliance. The key to the creaminess in a NON DAIRY ice cream or thick smoothie, is the banana. While not entirely necessary, it is extremely healthy, with lots of potassium, so I use it. It is the emulsifier to the sorbet like concoction. If you add the dairy, it will come together and get thick and taste creamier. I don’t eat dairy anymore… so I leave it out. I have found that the natural pectin in Strawberries is also a nice emulsifier.

**Oh… those cans of peaches and pears? I forgot to tell you… THOSE are a great, awesome, in a pinch items. Take that can of whatever it is.. AND FREEZE THE ENTIRE CAN until solid. Yes.. you can put it in the freezer… go ahead… I’ll wait. The next time you need a quick dessert or just crave a sorbet… pull that can out of the freezer, let it sit for a few minutes or run some cool water over it. Open up both sides, and push the solid through the opening right into your food processor or blender, and pulverize until creamy. THEN… eat up… it TASTES EXACTLY LIKE A SORBET…

After you try it once, you’ll start storing cans in your freezer all the time. You can also empty the can into an airtight container and do it that way…try it! You won’t be sorry!

Okay… soo… you whizz up the frozen fruit, banana, milk if you choose and let it stay a very thick, frothy ice cream like texture then pour it into a lidded container and freeze it… instant ice cream… THAT IS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! Eat all you want! {sometimes I have to let a few pieces of the frozen fruit get defrosted and juicy so my blender will turn. I try to stay away from adding juice…because of the sugar, and it tends to turn the frozen stuff to clear ice in the freezer and keeps it from staying scoopable.It won’t be as easy to scoop it as the regular ice cream, but it will be delicious, nourishing and refreshing… exactly what food should taste like

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