Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Water, Liquid everywhere... but not a drop to drink...

Water, soda, green tea, tea, wine, coffee, diet soda, Tall venti Caramel Macchiatos, beer, and juice…

Almost everything we eat or drink has calories. Some of those calories are loaded with good stuff like, antioxidants,polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, flouride.. and some are loaded with sugar, sugar, aspartame, sugar, processed carcinogens, sugar, and oh… did I mention sugar? To effectively and permanently lose weight, we have to make the right choices in our liquid intake… we need to drink to quench thirst… and ideally, it should be either water, unsweetened green,black or rooibos tea, an occasional glass of wine, or even a beer once in a while. Are you wondering why I left out juice? Juice is an okay drink… unsweetened of course… but eating the whole fruit is 100 times better than drinking the juice… that’s why I left it off the list.

Since starting this plan almost 8 months ago… I RARELY get thirsty anymore. I eat so many fruits and veggies loaded with water, that I don’t need to drink gallons of water. When we get thirsty, our body is telling us we needed water 1/2 an hour ago… being thirsty is our body’s way of telling us we aren’t eating enough fruits and veggies.

Water is great. Clean, calorie and fat free. You can drink it from the tap, bottled, filtered, reverse osmosis’d… warm, icy cold, hot… you name it…just drink all you want.

Green,black or rooibos tea, also calorie free if drunk unsweetened… goes one better than water. WITH the tea, you get a host of other good things… antioxidants, ECgC, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory properties… and a bunch of other compounds they haven’t even discovered yet. BEWARE… all green and black teas have some caffeine (unless marked decaf) so if you want to get a good nights sleep… drink Rooibos tea at night… it’s caffeine free, and has flouride, manganese and all the great things green tea has… just no caffeine… it’s also safe for babies to drink. It’s my favorite drink… hands down.

Wine has long been considered good for you in moderation… especially red wine. The tanins in it are good for your heart, arteries and blood. It is calorie laden… so be careful.

Beer… on occasion… ONLY non domestic, is good because of the brewer’s yeast… it too is loaded with minerals.

Soda and Diet Soda… I don’t know which one is worse… the aspartame in the diet junk… or the sugar in the regular. One can of regular soda has the equivalent of 25 tsp. of sugar in it… and aspartame? It’s the devil… no one quite knows what the ramifications of it are yet… PLEASE NEVER FEED IT TO YOUR KIDS… it’s just too risky.

Fancy box store coffee drinks – LOADED with fat, oils and garbage… {I used to love them, and had one almost every other day} and even if you order it nonfat and non dairy… guess what… my friend that manages one of them says… they just put whatever they have in it… you never know or see what they do…

Eat your colors, and thirst no more… but if you need some liquid nourishment… drink smart and learn to love water or tea… your waistline will thank you… as well as your heart, hair, nails, teeth and skin.

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