Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So... what kind of "diet" is this anyway?

I get asked this question a lot. I don’t mind rehashing it either… because… let’s face it… hardly anyone goes into the archives to read stuff… so I would love to explain my new way of eating…

At first, I was strictly using a book called “Let’s Do Lunch” by Roger Troy Wilson. I dropped weight quickly and effortlessly… JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!… Then, as I got healthier, I started doing more research, and reading more about healthy living, and sort of “re wrote” for myself the sort of plan that would be best for optimal health and longevity.

While the book was a great starting point, I don’t necessarily agree with all of the concepts, and foods, and needed to make it fit around my personal needs and my families needs. It is a GREAT idea book, meaning, the MAIN IDEA or CONCEPT is brilliant and the basis for my health and great numbers now.

In the book, it can be a little confusing about the types of foods to eat, if cheese is okay or not, and there were a lot of types of foods that I just can’t readily find in California. I found that staying away from (almost) ALL cheese, ESPECIALLY the fat free, and processed kinds was better for me personally. The book advocates use of a lot of “fat free” types of dairy, on occasion, and I just don’t believe that is feeding our bodies anything worth a darn. If you must have a cheese, make it a good, minimally processed, fresh, REAL cheese, without colors or rennets, and use it sparingly. The ONLY cheese I allow myself is the sheep’s milk cheese Pecorino Romano, shaved onto salads.

No bread, is also in the book. While I agree wholeheartedly about that FOR ME… my family still eats bread every single day. Bread and carbs cause cravings for other unhealthy foods like chips, cookies, cakes and pies… and for me, a food addict, I need to stay away from it… But my kids and hubby, I feel, need the good wholesomeness of my flax seed filled, wheat germ added, whole grain bread, to help them play sports, and to feel full, and for optimal energy through out their day.

MY TAKE on bread is this…

1.Make it yourself from scratch…(I would be happy to share my recipe and technique with you… call me and come over!!! Seriously!)

2.Buy only WHOLE GRAIN, no preservative bread (did you know they add SUGAR in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup to almost every bread on the market?)

3.Stay away from all bread that contains more than whole wheat flour, water, yeast, and salt… EVERYTHING ELSE IS POISON…

4.Eat it ONLY for your midday meal

5.Don’t eat it at night or after 4 p.m.
My husband followed those rules, and lost 45LBS in two months. He has transformed his body… look at those pics to the right!!! 7 months later, he still never touches bread at night, and only eats fruit or soups for dinner, and continues to lose a pound here and there…

The book says no potatoes or rice. I don’t eat those things… but I don’t agree with it on some level…

Brown rice and sweet potatoes are VERY HEALTHY, and if eaten on occasion, are not going to be detrimental to ones health. I believe that margarine and fake sugar are extremely more unhealthy than any potato or brown rice can be, so… my family gets served brown rice with beans for dinner. It forms a complete protein when combined, and is better for them than any meat.

Speaking of meat… it’s eaten ONLY at the midday meal, lunch. Lean meats like chicken breast, sirloin, filet mignon, tenderloin etc… The plan has one concept that is true genius, and quite frankly, the way most of the world eats anyway… HAVE YOUR LARGEST, PROTEIN FILLED MEAL BEFORE 4 P.M. That is the basis for this entire way of eating… and IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE BUT THIS… You WILL lose weight. I can almost guarantee it.

Basically, the plan advocates doing away with all processed foods. Those orange Cheetos, while I used to love them, aren’t even real food! Our bodies have to work 7 times harder to digest and get rid of the ingredients in them! White bread, white rice, sour creams, mayo, white ANYTHING is not healthy. (I can’t wrap my head around whole wheat pasta for my sons and hubby, so I still use regular pasta for them, sue me, I’m Italian…some things don’t/can’t change).

I believe the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes is our American way of eating… when we were in Italy in 2006, the grocery stores there DIDN’T HAVE ALL THE JUNK WE HAVE on their shelves. Europe had a BAN on High Fructose Corn Syrup, all of it! While our American way of eating is infiltrating other countries and killing their people, more and more of them are going back to their old way of eating, because they were gaining weight and dying younger… America has an extremely high rate of obesity, diabetes, and cancer. I believe it’s our food, and our choices.

So… here’s my Way Of Eating (I hate the word “diet” the word ‘die’ is in it!)

BREAKFAST = fruit in abundance or egg whites and veggies

LUNCH= lean meats, salad, veggies, fruit, (whole grain breads if you choose) or (rice, brown only) EAT UNTIL VERY FULL! Also, eat it as late in the day as you can closest to 3-4 p.m… I eat my lunch around 1-2 p.m. everyday… REMEMBER, MAKE THIS MEAL LARGE… IT SHOULD THE LARGEST ONE YOU EAT!!!

DINNER = FRUIT or fruit smoothies (with no dairy)… all you can eat until full. OR lean, veggies soups, or veggies any way you like them… steamed, bbq’d, roasted


Please let me know if you are starting this plan… or if you have been on it…

There is soooo much more to write… but let’s face it… I’m lucky if you even read this far… so I’ll post more tomorrow!

**To my LDL people, as I stated in my copyright stuff, I started this blog to be able to talk about my personal way of doing this plan. Roger Troy has done a wonderful job of planting a seed. All credit for Let’s Do Lunch are HIS… the way I do things are my personal preferences…I will never post my opinions of my way on the boards, out of respect for RT.

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